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Improving Lives with Tea?One Sip at a Time

Savvy Tea Gourmet Product Offering: Exclusive Teas and Tea Based Products targeting ?The Healthy Epicurean.

?The Tea Gourmet?s Choice Selections?

* ?Best Seller? loose Artisan Whole Leaf Tea
* Pyramid ?Multi-Steep? Sachets
* Tea Based Smoothie Mixes
* Tea Based Hot Chocolate
* Tea Infused Chocolates
* Savvy Tea Gourmet Scone Mixes

?Best Seller? loose Artisan Whole Leaf Tea

Savvy Tea Gourmet has compiled a selection of its best selling loose Artisan Whole Leaf Teas. The teas in this selection have proven themselves as products that require constant shelf restocking, and will appeal to a wide array of tea consumers looking for high-end selections.

Pyramid ?Multi-Steep? Sachets:

Not your ordinary ?Single Cup? dunking bag.

?Multi-Steep? Sachets are known for their ability to be successfully re-steeped multiple times, yielding several cups from a single Sachet and more than you would expect in quality and value. From our collection of over 250 loose Artisan Whole Leaf Teas, Savvy Tea Gourmet has chosen a combination of traditional blends and regionally famous artisan single garden selections to include in our offering of Pyramid Sachets.

Tea Based Smoothies:

The tremendous popularity of our Tea Based Smoothies has convinced us to include them in our ?Tea Gourmet?s Choice Selections?. We combine ?Best Seller? healthy teas with smoothie ingredients to create products that customers rave about and that yield a health benefit. We don?t know if more people drink them because they are so healthy, or because they taste so good.

Tea Based Hot Chocolate:

Hot Chocolate with a healthy twist! Not only does it taste delicious?it?s good for you! Savvy Tea Gourmet has combined healthy Green Tea with our Hot Chocolate mix giving it an additional Anti-Oxidant Boost along with extra Vitamins and Minerals. Knowing it has the beneficial Green Tea blended in, once customers give our Matcha Hot Chocolate a try, they won?t want regular Hot Chocolate again.

Tea Infused Chocolates:

Chocolate + Tea = yum.

For Chocolate lovers, it does not get better than this. Savvy Tea Gourmet has blended some of our Best Selling teas with high grade chocolates to create delectable healthy delights that will put a smile on the face of the most staunch of chocolate critics. Great to be making your body healthy while making your taste buds happy.

Savvy Tea Gourmet Scone Mixes:

What is a Tea Party without Scones? Our Scones at Savvy Tea Gourmet have become so popular that we find ourselves baking them continually throughout the day. Now our customers can enjoy the same fresh-baked scone experience at home with out Savvy Tea Gourmet Scone Mixes. Higher in Protein than most scone mixes, because they are enhanced with soy, are a good source of Omega-3, have no cholesterol, are low fat, have no trans-fats, no preservatives, and are gluten free. How could they be so delicious? Try one!

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