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Blended By Savvy Tea Gourmet to meet exclusive criteria...high antioxidants, enchanting aroma & flavor, and unique to "Rejuvination Tea"...delightful Pink color!

White Tea Blend "ArtBra Rejuvenation Tea" 50g Tea Fresh Sack

White Tea Blend ArtBra Rejuvenation Tea 50g Tea Fresh Sack
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Name: White Tea Blend "ArtBra Rejuvenation Tea" 50g Tea Fresh Sack
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Manufacturer Number: STG-W-Z-4-1 50g TFS

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STG-W-Z-4-1 50g TFS


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Our thanks to ArtBra for doing the good work they do in helping under-insured or un-insured Breast Cancer patients in coping with their difficult circumstances and getting through each day.

To make this most special tea Blend, we started with high grade antioxidant-rich White Tea.We've added some peaches and flowers to bring out the aroma/flavor, and to give some appropriate pink color to this delicate but flavorful white tea blend.