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Selected to Serve to Dignitaries at the 2008 Olympic Games in China
Yellow Tea,
Yellow Tea, "Huo Shan Huang Ya" Yellow Bud 50g Tea Fresh Sack
Manufacturer Number: MKT-Y-20-7-1 50g TFS
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Huo Shan Huang Ya...Commemorative Tea of the 2008 Olympics

Yellow Tea is relatively unknown to most tea drinkers. Our Huo Shan Hunag Ya is distinguished from Green Teas by an extra "Yellowing" step that is taken in the processing of the Tea Leaves. The result is a pale yellow cup, with aroma, flavor, and mouth feel similar to that of Green or White Teas, but yet a distinctness all of its own. This selection will be a delightful variation for those that enjoy White and Green Teas.