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From Taiwan, Oolong With Ginseng...Marvelous!

Ginseng Oolong Organic 50g Tea Fresh Sack

Ginseng Oolong Organic  50g Tea Fresh Sack
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Name: Ginseng Oolong Organic 50g Tea Fresh Sack
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Manufacturer Number: TGJ-O-7-10-1 50g TFS

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TGJ-O-7-10-1 50g TFS

During the "Rolling" of these Oolong Tea leaves into small pea-sized balls some Ground Ginseng and Ground Licorice Root is blended-in with the tea leaves. The result is a deep golden cup with a thick mouth-feel, a full Oolong flavor distinctly influenced by the Ginseng, and a Sweet Finish. Considered the "King of All Tonics" Ginseng provides energy and stimulation to the entire body to overcome stress & fatigue. Further Ginseng is beneficial to to the heart & circulation system. It is used to normalize blood pressuer, reduce cholesterol, to manage blood sugar levels. Combined with the positive attributes of the Oolong Tea the Ginseng Oolong is a powerful "Full Body Tonic". 


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