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This Dark Tea Brick is gaining immense popularity at Savvy Tea Gourmet.

 What is Dark Tea ? It is a category of tea produced using a specific unique technique, and a tea that ages over time gaining a mellowness as the tea ages.

Like other Dark Tea this tea is said by the Chinese to be good for digestion and the reduction of blood lipids. The Chinese further say that the result is improvement in cholesterol levels.

What makes this tea even more amazing is the Chinese research shows the tea also helps with lowering glucose , weight loss , inhibiting Gastrointestinal Tumor growth & protecting against liver-alcohol related diseases.

Customers of Savvy Tea Gourmet have shown very encouraging results when consuming this tea to help reduce cholesterol levels.

Try this Dark Tea Brick for a tea that is flavorful and full of reputed health benefits.

Dark Tea, Dark Tea Brick
Dark Tea, Dark Tea Brick
Manufacturer Number: A-26-2-1 180g Dark Tea Brick
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ZGC-A-26-2-1 180 gram Dark Tea Brick

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