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Special Yunnan Cultivar, Plucked, Sun Dried, and Aged Over Time?

Pu'er Tea, 10 Year Qing 50g Canister Tin

Pu'er Tea, 10 Year Qing 50g Canister Tin
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Name: Pu'er Tea, 10 Year Qing 50g Canister Tin
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Manufacturer Number: ETS-A-6-8-1 50g CT

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ETS-A-6-8-1 50g CT


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After about 10 years of aging this selection has gained a mellowness and softness that is that puts it in an Exclusive Class of Teas. Not only is the flavor, aroma, and mouth feel extraordinary, the bonus of the Reputed Health Benefits, its Blood Lipid and Cholesterol reducing capability along with its digestive powers make this Emperor's Tribut Select Collection member of high value to anyone serious about tea, the experience, and its benefits. The tea will continue to age further, and improve its mellowness over time, and will also deepen in tea leaf and broth color.