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Pu'er Tea & Dark Tea...& Their Benefits

What is Pu'er Tea & Dark Tea, And What Are Their Benefits?

What is Pu'er(h) Tea?

Pu'er Tea is also referred to as Puerh Tea & Bolay Tea. It is part of a category called "Dark Tea". The Chinese say that "Dark" teas have the ability to help lower blood fat and cholesterol levels, leading to a decreased risk of heart attack.

Dark Tea

Dark teas also have the unique characteristic of being among the teas that actually age and improve over time. The aging of Puerh Tea (or Pu'er Tea ), and all Dark Teas enhances the aroma, flavor and mellowness of the tea yielding excellent mouth feel.

Adding Puerh Tea , ( Pu er Tea) or other Dark Teas to your tea drinking routine will be a welcome addition to your Tea Lifestyle .

At Savvy Tea Gourmet we have an extensive selection of these amazing Dark Teas for your tea drinking pleasure.
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